Carol Marvin and Detroit Electronic Music Festival plan free festival for July 4th 2014Demf 01 Carl Craig

Carol Marvin and Detroit Electronic Music Festival plan free festival for July 4th 2014

Early this morning during a press conference held at Fort Field in Detroit, Carol Marvin, one of the original producer’s of the now defunct Detroit Electronic Music Festival, announced the brand’s return to the birthplace of techno this coming summer. Not to be confused with Movement, the festival oftentimes fondly referred to as DEMF, Marvin’s festival plans to lay its foundation at Campus Martius Park in Detroit over the July 4th weekend — directly competing with nearby Wavefront held the same weekend. According to Marvin; “A city like Detroit should arguably have 10 electronic music festivals, and this will be one of them,” noting that the festival will be completely free, much the same way the original was when it began in 2000.

In conjunction with the return of DEMF, a second event is planned at Fort Field that same weekend. The Federation of Electronic Music Technology (FEMT) plans to offer a technologically groundbreaking presentation in association with the Hague that promises to revolutionize the way that electronic music fans experience the genre, combining tech and techno into one complete, sensory-overloading package.

Additionally, Juan Atkins announced that he and Rick Mills would be performing as Cybotron, marking the first time the techno pioneers have ever performed live.

“I’m proud to be involved in the biggest and best electronic music festival in the world,” said Atkins. “The future’s here. This is techno scene.”

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