EDM meets country music in new festival, Electro ShineElectro Shine DA

EDM meets country music in new festival, Electro Shine

Following the success of Avicii‘s bluegrass-infused originals “Wake Me Up” and “Hey Brother,” country artist Big Kenny saw an opportunity. The entrepreneurial singer, who makes up one-half of Big & Rich, plans to combine electronic and country music into a new festival called Electro Shine.

Fusing these two genres together, Big Kenny hopes to create a new festival experience for EDM and country fans everywhere. He plans on bringing in two giant circus tents for the venue, fully equipped with lasers, lots of fog and flying acrobats.

As for Electro Shine’s lineup, which has yet to be revealed, Big Kenny told Billboard“Every now and then, like with the Mafia, you never know who’s going to show up… I plan on introducing a bunch of DJs and talent that nobody has seen before.”

Stay tuned to find out where Big Kenny plans to set down residency for Electro Shine’s festival debut.

Via: Billboard


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