UPDATED: Electric Daisy Carnival will not be coming to Winston Farm says Saugerties supervisorWoodstock

UPDATED: Electric Daisy Carnival will not be coming to Winston Farm says Saugerties supervisor

UPDATED (11/11 – 16:40 EST): According to Insomniac’s VP of Communications, Jen Forkish, the proposal was denied by the Schaller family, the owners of Winston Farms, who did not feel comfortable hosting a dance music festival on their site. Local officials often have questions over any type of mass gathering and this was no different. However, the proposal was nixed due to a lack of venue, not due to health and safety concerns.

A few months ago, Insomniac presented an Electric Daisy Carnival concept to the Saugerties board with the intent of hosting an EDC NY at the site of the 1994 Woodstock Arts & Music Festival at Winston Farm. Conceived as a 3-day camping festival with a limited attendance to 75,000 people, the powers that be on the Saugerties board have denied Insomniac’s request to expand their brand to one of the most iconic festival grounds in the United States. According to town Supervisor, Kelly Myers, the board voted on Wednesday to suspend the request, citing that local fire and ambulance services did not feel they could adequately provide services for that sort of event.

“The Electric Daisy concert does not look like it’s going to happen,” Myers said. “There were some concerns about how to safely manage that and the Schaller family has had some concerns as well.”

Town councilman Fred Costello noted that the concert was only in its preliminary planning stages and that the town only plans to host events that it believes are a good fit for the community. As it turns out, Electric Daisy Carnival was not seen to be a proper fit for the small rural town.

“The start and stops come as a result of their fleshing out an idea,” Costello said. “And, for whatever reason, along the way some of those ideas have not been practical.”

Via: The Daily Freeman

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