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Flume and Chet Faker rendezvous for Lockjaw EP

Lockjaw brings collaboration from Australian team Flume and Chet Faker for a short, but sweet dose of sophisticated, chillwave electronic. After a previous collaboration on “Left Alone” and time together on a 2013 tour, the two devised the idea for a combined album release. The duo then rendezvoused on an evidently successful four day writing binge, where Lockjaw was born.

From Future Classic, the three track EP features elegant vocals from Chet and Flume’s signature bass kick, synth snare style production. Chet Faker exhibits his haunting, one-of-a-kind vocal melodies alongside Flume, born Harley Streten, who proves his continuous success in creating meditative, subtle bass lines and further showcases his mature ear as a young producer in electronica.

Lockjaw‘s lead single, “Drop the Game” was released in conjunction with a raw, urban-inspired music video featuring pop dancer Storyboard P. The opening single sets the sultry, melancholic tone for Flume and Chet Faker’s latest with bass spikes and resonating vocals. A funk-inspired, twangy bass melody introduces their second, “What About Us,” which quickly drops into an echoing vocal and down tempo tune. “This Song is Not About a Girl” kicks into a rumbling bass underlay with Chet’s whispering vocals. This understated electronic indie tune flows through tempos and naturally brings a mysterious playfulness as it drops into Chet’s crooning with a heavier bass rumble to close out the song.

It’s no surprise that the collaboration has struck a pocket of doleful, intricate bass play and ethereal vocal work and established another marker for chillwave electronic. Young Australian producer Flume has developed a strong and evident sense of well-matured production work, evident in his latest undertaking with Chet Faker, the upcoming songster to watch.

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