George Morel flaunts techno stamina with Circle Records debut [EP Review]Circle042 6 1 E1384299859199

George Morel flaunts techno stamina with Circle Records debut [EP Review]

In the process of relocating from Germany to North America, George Morel has become one of the most interesting techno assets to emerge amid the genres modern renaissance. Debuting on Manheim’s beloved Circle Music this month, the Miami-residing heavyweight drops two of his most striking solo offerings to date. True to the form that has hallmarked his discography to date, Morel’s signature grooves are plastered across the warped melodic body of “The Ride.” As “Father’s Speech” implicates the more tribal and percussive tendencies, we quickly hear the compelling evidence to Morel’s ongoing studio legacy. This is techno on a serious trip, one that exceeds all clichés of the great clubbing ‘journey’ and puts toe tapping stamina back at the forefront of the genre’s melodic strand. Found at a true peak in his output for 2013, “The Ride” leaves little room for dispute that Morel is one of the scarce modern examples of underground club fuel with its creative stamina rekindled for the modern market.

Release date: November 28

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