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Good Morning Mix: Andrew Bayer live at ABGT 050

On October 26th while partiers in the States were wrapped in a Halloweekend haze, revelers in London were getting a different set of treats. Above & Beyond celebrated their 50th episode of Group Therapy with a live show at London Town’s Alexandra Palace, bringing their aural group hug to fans both in attendance and around the globe. With a lineup that included Jody Wisternoff as warm up and Guy J, Boom Jinx and Arty among the support, if A&B’s own performance took the cake then Andrew Bayer’s set was the icing.

Introduced with the claim that the “M” in “Andrew M Bayer” stands for “mmmm,” the DC native laced his set with undeniably mouthwatering exclusives and sprinkled in a few favorites for good measure. Though relying largely on his own material, amongst “Need Your Love,” “England” and forthcoming tunes “The District” and “Perth,” Bayer also included brand new tunes from Mat Zo and his Norin & Rad collab project, Artificial. While you can’t yet own roughly half of the tracks, you can listen to them in their shining first-play glory again and again whenever you like. We suggest you start now.

Tracklist :
[00:00] 01. Group Therapy – Intro (00:22)
[00:21] 02. Andrew Bayer – Bullet Catch (06:15)
[06:36] 03. Andrew Bayer vs. The Cinematic Orchestra – Polylith vs. How To Build A Home (05:30)
[12:06] 04. Andrew Bayer – England (04:00)
[16:07] 05. Andrew Bayer – ID (04:52)
[20:58] 06. Mat Zo – Lucid Dreams (04:01)
[24:59] 07. Andrew Bayer – Need Your Love (Club Mix) (06:00)
[30:59] 08. ID – ID (05:00)
[36:00] 09. Andrew Bayer – The District (06:25)
[42:25] 10. Andrew Bayer – Perth (05:35)
[48:00] 11. Andrew Bayer vs. Norin & Rad pres. Artificial – Sa Caleta (06:34)
[54:34] 12. Andrew Bayer vs. Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange feat. Kerry Leva – The Taxi Driver vs. In And Out Of Phase (05:26)

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