Google Glass making an impression on the music world

When talking about the latest and most innovative gadgets in development, Google Glass has been the hot topic in today’s tech world. It looks like the decision-makers at Google recognize the importance and potential of music functionality, and will soon unveil music-specific features for the greatly anticipated device. Along with the standard voice command functions, Glass will also include a “listen to” option in its voice command display, allowing the wearer to Google search for a song or artist and stream it with Google Play. In addition to this simple yet critical idea, Sound Search, a music identification service like Shazam, and Glass earbud headphones will also be in the works. And this just seems like the beginning.

Renowned audio engineer, record producer and DJ, Young Guru, most notable for his work with Jay Z, has been one of the lucky Google Glass beta-testers or “Explorers.” In the promotional video above, Young Guru takes us through his account of his experience using Google Glass practically, and how it can seamlessly integrate our love for music into our everyday routine.

Source: The New York Times

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