Join the MOVEment with Tommy Trash & Empire of the Sun

“Alive” and “Walking on a Dream” masterminds  Empire of the Sun, have teamed up with fellow Aussie Tommy Trash to craft a big track with an even bigger message.The artists’ new collaboration, “Celebrate” comes as a partnership with Coke-A-Cola and (RED), campaigning to fight AIDS with the power of dance as its proponent.  The track starts off with a powerful message: “700 babies are born with HIV every day. We invite you to help get that number close to zero just by dancing.”

“Celebrate” is a well-crafted musical creation filled with pulsating synths, hyped up vocals, and a festival quality sound all around. Not to mention, the video features eye-pleasing visuals layered over some funky dance moves from America’s masked masters of dance, the Jabbawockeez.

If you’re feeling inspired to get in on the philanthropy, go to ‪ to find out more about how you, too, can help save lives through the power of music.

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