Kaskade to provide musical score for EDC 2013 documentary, ‘Under the Electric Sky’Kaskade1

Kaskade to provide musical score for EDC 2013 documentary, ‘Under the Electric Sky’

Today, news has broken about the long-anticipated official EDC movie, which is to be titled EDC 2013: Under the Electric Sky. CEO and founder of Insomniac, Pasquale Rotella, announced earlier this year that the 2013 Las Vegas Electric Daisy Carnival would be filmed and created into a documentary style movie. After casting real attendees and months of waiting, we’re finally starting to hear details in regards to the film.

If you didn’t catch Kaskade’s cryptic tweets from two days ago, he hinted about going into a month-long hiatus to score a movie soundtrack. The Grammy-nominated producer, who has just wrapped up a sold-out album tour, has signed on to create the musical score to accompany the EDC film. Past all the Twitter hints and jokes, Ryan Raddon shared his genuine excitement about the imminent project: “EDC has become an American institution and there’s a tangible power in such a massive shared experience. Translating that intensity into a film score is an undertaking I’m truly looking forward to.”

KCRW Music Director, Jason Bentley, has also been brought on to the Under the Electric Sky team as the film’s music supervisor and musical director. Bentley is host to the radio’s show, Morning Becomes Eclectic, and has an extensive résumé in both the business and artistic side of the music industry. With experience working as a supervisor and soundtrack producer on major motion films like Tron: Legacy and the Matrix triology, it’s safe to say Bentley will bring a special touch to the dance music documentary.

Rotella explains his thought process for why he chose the two prominent music icons for his upcoming feature film: “Kaskade and Jason understand the energy and passion that EDC fans bring to the festival. By working together, I’m confident they will create a soundtrack which brings back memories for those that have attended EDC in the past, while also inspiring those who have never joined in the experience.”

Electronic music fans know the tale and evolution of the beloved Electric Daisy Carnival inside out, from the old school underground roots to the explosion of attention during its final year a the Los Angeles Coliseum. Though he’s regarded as a dance music mogul and one of the most powerful people in music, Pasquale Rotella has never failed to emphasize the importance on festival-goers themselves — a mantra Rotella has followed while casting for his film. The documentary will follow a handful of unique attendees as they adventure from near and far and through the throngs of people and stages at EDC Las Vegas. Stay tuned for more details.

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