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London Grammar – Nightcall (Joe Goddard Remix)

Remixing a standout song is no easy task. Simply imprinting one’s sound and calling it a day will not suffice, as any remix need rise to the level of the original to warrant relevancy. Many have tried their hands at reworking Kavinsky‘s dark downtempo gem “Nightcall,” and while a few (most notably Breakbot) have succeeded, it’s hard to argue that any of its successors hold a candle to the gritty original.

The Drive soundtrack staple may yet reign supreme, but British trip hop trio London Grammar¬†and Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard have given the track a brilliant reinterpretation that spins its unique charms in an entirely new direction. Goddard takes Hannah Reid’s haunting vocals from the album cut and sets them against a minimal yet masterful deep house backdrop, employing a vintage analog bass line amid tense synth modulation and stuttered snare breakdowns to mesmerizing effect.

The single will be released on December 8th, so pre-order it here and feel free to keep the following on repeat until then.

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