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Madeon is maturing at the right time… debut album underway

One of the hottest hands in electronic music production is getting even hotter. With releases spanning from “Icarus” to “Technicolor,” sparing few but quality efforts in between, Madeon found himself on pace to becoming one of the more gifted (and still improving) artists of his craft. Taking loyal listeners by surprise and throwing a curveball into the trajectory of his signature sound came the release of Lady Gaga’s Artpopwhere his three credited productions each displayed new capabilities and facets of styling.

Recently speaking to MTV on the subject of his Artpop duties, Madeon opened up on his influences and preferences in line of his productions for the album and how he’ll be following that creative direction in the development of his debut artist album.

“I’ve always been in dance music, but I’ve always been a pop fan at heart,” the 19-year-old told MTV, which could explain where his unexpected yet tasteful productions like “Gypsy” and “Mary Jane Holland” spawned from. Explaining that he’d always wanted to work with pop artists, he notes that Lady Gaga was number one on his hopeful agenda. After already chopping at the top of his wish list, Madeon seeks to further experiment, naming Kanye West and The Killers as dream collaborators but that his contingencies are endless.

Although affirming interest in producing for big names, Madeon notes that he’d be more inclined with smaller ones, telling MTV that working with upcoming artists is more his vibe. “I really like collaborating with smaller indie artists ’cause I feel like it’s a nice way to introduce people to artists that I love,” he shared, going on state “I want to do as many genres as I can.”

Breaking through his threshold as a dance music producer and maturing as any teen would, Madeon now turns to his debut artist album. Now experienced in exploring numerous genres and subsequently unrestricted by any stigmas rooting from his original mixes, the artist takes to that next step with a fresh slate.

“It’s a nice toe in the water to see what the other side of the world beyond electronic music is like, ’cause ultimately I just want to do an album that people listen to at home and enjoy, not just in the club,” he tells MTV. Working in Madeon’s favor he confirms that he’s been working on his album, but that the process will extend through a “good chunk of next year.”

The young producer is ready to make his mark with a debut album as he matures with new experiences, signaling that he’s pursuing the right direction — the direction which is his own. Following what had been a “very good Madeon album day,” he left fans with a reassuring “A long way to go, but I know where I’m going.”

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