Martin Garrix signs with Scooter Braun Projects, launches company's EDM departmentMartin Garri 2013 650a

Martin Garrix signs with Scooter Braun Projects, launches company's EDM department

Success of a dance music star can very well spawn from an out-of-the-blue smash hit, but longevity of one’s career is more often attributed to strategy and execution of management. In the case of 17-year-old Martin Garrix, “Animals” was that launching pad, and he’s recently inked a deal with one of the world’s most renowned talent management groups to certify the latter.

It’s been confirmed that Garrix is the newest addition to Scooter Braun Projects, Scooter Braun’s all-encompassing entertainment company that provides his superstar clients with management, marketing, and publishing. SBP agent Michael George, who discovered Martin at age 16, will serve the producer/DJ as the inaugural artist of the company’s EDM department.

The deal comes as a partnership between Scooter Braun Projects and Spinnin’ Records sister company, MusicAllStars Management — both of whom bring a unique set of skills and resources that will help further Martin’s career.

Only recently confirmed, the signing has been kept confidential. “In order to let Martin grow organically as an artist, it was necessary to keep our involvement quiet and maintain focus on Martin,” Michael George says.

The company’s roster currently consists of stars such as Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, reflecting a reputation of signing young, pop acts — but that was not the basis of signing Garrix. According to Billboard, Scooter was surprised when he learned Martin’s age saying ‘I thought Mike was fucking with me.’

When asked about Martin’s age and how it factors into his career, Spinnin Co-founder Eelko van Kooten feels that his age is of no concern, saying that “we give extra attention to his busy agenda, making sure that his education is a top priority and he has the opportunity to spend quality time with his friends and family – who are very important to him.”

Michael George indicates that it was Martin’s talent and charisma above all that made Martin stand out. According to George, Martin will continue to follow his trajectory as a dance artist. George adds, “over the next six months you can expect a steady stream of club records as well as Martin’s American debut on a headline tour this February.”

Scooter Braun Projects and MusicAllStars strike a landmark deal, but the alignment won’t jeopardize Martin’s artistry nor will it have him shifting gears through genres. In closing, Scooter left us with this:

“At the end of the day we don’t have an ego about things. Our company was taking on its’ first EDM artist and I wanted to show respect to the genre, as we are new comers here. I wanted Martin and Spinnin to take this to the right level before we showed our affiliation and now I believe it’s at a point where we can stand next to Martin because he’s a much bigger star than we are. We are just grateful to be part of his journey.”

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