Moby embraces the future in releasing 'Innocents' BitTorrent BundleIMG 132742011 Moby Fall Massive

Moby embraces the future in releasing 'Innocents' BitTorrent Bundle

Moby has long been a progressive figure in the dance music universe, standing up for causes like veganism, animal rights and net neutrality. Now he’s championing BitTorrent as a means to release music into an ever-evolving digital world, making the stems for his latest album Innocents available for fans to remix without legal restraint as a BitTorrent Bundle.

In a recent interview with Mashable, the Grammy-nominated artist adopted a less-than-popular industry stance in saying he believed producers who made the effort to make a remix using his stems deserved to profit from it.

“When people try to control content in the digital world, there’s something about that that seems kind of depressing to me,” Moby said. “The most interesting results happen when there is no control. I love the democratic anarchy of the online world.”

Moby also discussed the changing face of dance music consumption, defending streaming services like Spotify that have come under criticism by some artists.

“Every industry has been impacted by [changes in technology] in both negative and positive ways, but I feel like to complain is pointless,” he said. “I love Thom Yorke, but when I heard him complaining about Spotify, I’m like, ‘You’re just like an old guy yelling at fast trains.'”

Check out the rest of the interview here to hear Moby’s take on the changing face of dance music fandom, his connection to the current music being made and more.

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