Nero announce plans for a second album to be released in 2014NERO DJs Dubstep

Nero announce plans for a second album to be released in 2014

Unlike most artists and celebrities, Nero have avoided being consumed by the ever-present stranglehold of social media. Before October 11th, the trio hadn’t posted on Facebook since May, and while their Twitter made slightly better progress, their communication with fans has been scant since the beginning of 2013. After a long period of silence, Nero have finally spoken, and they’ve come with great news: a new album expected to be released in the new year. Following the unparalleled success of Welcome Reality, which was released in August 2011, expectations for their upcoming album remain high.

Daniel, Joe, and Alana have teased the prospect, but are careful with the information that they release, which is close to none:

However, the British trio have accompanied their cryptic announcement with a dark, 28-minute long piece on Soundcloud. Although the sound is vague and better suited for the score of a horror film, it sets the mysterious tone for what fans can anticipate from the group in 2014.

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