TC meshes drum and bass with trap on Get Down Low EP

OWSLA is home to some of the most creatively driven, bass zealous producers around. With Skrillex at the helm, the powerhouse record imprint has become known for their formative, forward thinking sounds; turning out a wide array of music from heavy, 808-riddled tracks, to futuristic techno selections. Skrillex and his band of bass-minded brothers are pioneering the direction of their respective genres as a group of elite producers and performers.  The juggernaut label’s latest release comes by way of TC‘s genre blending EP, Get Down Low. Showcasing veteran talent, the Bristol native dynamically bends high octane drum and bass with thumping trap sounds on this gritty, yet fresh four-track EP.

 The title track, “Get Down Low,” has been a massive festival anthem as galvanized fans willingly oblige and hunker down. Laced with blaring sirens and deep vocal samples, the pounding build is followed by a trap-infused break, meant to send festival crowds into a frenzy. Dog Blood has been known to employ the use of this energetic, crowd crushing track in their sets; a pulverizing bulldozer of low end rumbles. Also featured on the EP is a remix of “Get Down Low” by ShockOne. The remix turns the original track into a pulsing, electro house tune, incorporating the same deep vocal samples, but accompanied by a bouncy big room break.

“Vegas” creeps into the mid-tempo range as the quintessential drum and bass track. The aggressively energetic tune layers kicks and gurgling surges of bass, making for a lively production that is certainly reflective of the United Kingdom’s affinity and mastery of the genre.

Rounding off TC’s studio effort is, “Do You Rock.” This particular track most clearly represents where trap meets drum and bass on the EP, as the track flows and wiggles through thumping bass drops. High frequency synths are woven between robotic vocal samples as the track lies at the point where bass music gets groovy.

TC’s brand of innovative bass music shines brightly, paired with OWSLA’s ambitious desire to continue pushing the envelope. Toeing the line between drum and bass and trap music, TC delivers a meticulously crafted collection that impressively blends the two genres. Drum and bass, a genre that once seemed to exist solely within the UK’s underground music scene, is now beginning to thrive. Once confined to dark dance clubs, drum and bass is experiencing some much needed revitalization with the help of trap music’s momentous rise in popularity. The two genres find an intriguing middle ground on TC’s hair-raising Get Down Low EP, just another testament to the fact that  OWSLA leads the pack at the cutting edge of bass music.

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