Pete Tong premieres EDX's edgy upcoming track 'Reckless Ardor'ED 2013 IMG 6229 Flyers

Pete Tong premieres EDX's edgy upcoming track 'Reckless Ardor'

There are few people, if any, that have their fingers on the pulse of electronic music more than BBC Radio 1 mainstay Pete Tong. The part-radio part-headlining DJ has played a massive role in the electric scene, often shaping the sound of upcoming musical styles through his “Essential Selection” radio show. On his most recent radio show, Pete debuted a new track from Switzerland-based EDX, however you may find that “Reckless Ardor” is not so, well, reckless. Delicately flirting with the fine line between deep house and progressive house, EDX manages to seamlessly integrate the melodic aspect of the progressive with the dark drums from the deep, setting a calm landscape for the rest of your day.

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