Plans for an all-female music festival in the works for 2014HARD Events

Plans for an all-female music festival in the works for 2014

After Miley Cyrus‘ controversial performance at the VMA’s, talk about sexism shot through the roof. Jahan, one of the three members of Krewella, responded to Miley’s decisions on Tumblr to discuss the supposedly taboo subject of gender inequality. It’s also no surprise that Australian twins, Nervo, and Swedish duo Rebecca & Fiona, have also spoken out numerous times about sexism, the gender gap, and the male-dominated society in which we live.

Gary Richards, founder and CEO of HARD, is stepping up to the plate and plans on approaching this issue head-on. Next year, he’d like to have a music festival that solely features a female lineup: “I have a concept for a show that’s all girl performers…It’s not a 70,000 person event. But I do see more females coming up and…I’m definitely going to do it in 2014.” The chief obstacle Richards will face is getting all of these female artists booked simultaneously, as he admits that pay will not be at the most desirable numbers. Hopefully the artists who are invited, however, will see the potential in Richards’ idea and that this festival could be the gateway to more powerful female influence on electronic music in the future.

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