Rapper Waka Flocka reveals more details on upcoming electronic LPWaka

Rapper Waka Flocka reveals more details on upcoming electronic LP

It was no surprise when dance music’s resident cake-throwing, champagne-spraying DJ  Steve Aoki decided to bring two equally wild names on his Aokify America Tour. It seems like Aoki’s explosive electro house tunes have inspired one supporting artist to create his own dance music inspired works. American rapper Waka Flocka Flame announced interest in creating a full electronic dance music album and confirmed in April that his forthcoming project will be titled Flockaveli Psychotics. Though the album is still in the works, Waka Flocka hints several well-respected producers of dance music will be a part of the album, including Flosstradamus, Diplo and Skrillex.  Though tour mate Aoki has yet to be linked to Waka Flocka’s upcoming LP, the rapper shares his admiration for the producer. “Steve Aoki is like the electronic Waka Flocka. He just known for turning up. I feel like he’d do everything I do … It’s amazing, I respect him.” He further explains, “I wanted to go back to like the essence. I ventured off a lot in my whole career …  I’ma show you a different Flockaveli this time. Way more turnt up, different crowds now. I’m touching different genres.”


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