Richy Ahmed beats 'The Drum' for inaugural Hot Creations EP [Preview]The Drum

Richy Ahmed beats 'The Drum' for inaugural Hot Creations EP [Preview]

Since stunning Boileroom and DC10 alike, Richy Ahmed has long been the elephant in the room where British deep house is concerned. Having built his name around the fertile Hot Waves platform with the likes of “Tell Me,” his collaboration with Miguel Campbell, the boy wonder finally becomes a man with an inaugural solo EP on its renowned parent label, Hot Creations. Rolling with the disjointed percussive tendencies of early-doors hip-hop with a solid house backbone, “The Drums” proves one of his most immediately infectious offerings to date. As “101 Jam” unites the analogue and the archetypal underground house joint, it is immediately clear that Ahmed’s agenda is near unparalleled by the modern competition. If house music is really going to take over the world in 2014, Hot Creations would be wise to send Richy Ahmed to the front lines with cuts of this caliber at his mercy.

Release date: December 2nd

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