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Sander Kleinenberg launches 'Eleonore' as first preview of upcoming music

The Netherlands brings us yet another title to the list of untouchable Dutch DJ talent with Sander Kleinenberg. This progressive house producer is currently in the midst of his 5K USA Tour that will come to a grande finale on November 25th in Los Angeles. Sander Kleinenberg is not only a well-seasoned veteran to international dance music scenes, but a leading innovator of video and imagery integration as a VDJ with experience aiding in the development of the SVM-1000 audio-visual mixer. As a teaser to his 2014 plans for both tour dates and forthcoming new music, Kleinenberg has released “Eleonore,” a disco influenced, otherworldly blast of deep, entrancing house. His new music says it all, and his extensive background in one-of-a-kind performance production is guaranteed to secure Sander Kleinenberg as a name to note for the upcoming year.

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