Seven Lions explores his occult side with 'Serpent of Old'Serpent Of Old Seven Lions

Seven Lions explores his occult side with 'Serpent of Old'

Jeff Montalvo, or Seven Lions, has created a reputation for colossal bass music with a blissful backbone, yet today he brings us something different. Four months ago, in an interview with OWSLA’s The Nest, the Santa Barbara native alluded to a new project: “I’m working on a really dark satanic occult themed single right now and I want it to be a reoccurring thing. We’re gonna call it ‘Gathering Darkness.'” It is appears “Serpent of Old” is the single to which he was referring and the first in his new Gathering Darkness series.

With its hellish bass and terrifying shrieks (courtesy of Ciscandra Nostalghia), “Serpent of Old” is rooted in the fiendish mysticism of metal — the gothic midtempo track is easily the darkest work we’ve heard from the producer thus far. While it may not be the Seven Lions we’ve grown to know and love, you certainly can’t disparage Montalvo for indulging in his deeper (and darker) interests.

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