SFX acquires Nature One producer and German promoter i-MotionRobert Sillerman 191 Chris Buck

SFX acquires Nature One producer and German promoter i-Motion

Robert Sillerman’s SFX Entertainment has just acquired German dance event promoter i-Motion. The acquisition was in the works this summer (pre-IPO), but has just recently been finalized. The company operates eight festivals spanning across Germany, Poland, and Belarus, most notably the famous Nature One festival, which boasts a crowd of approximately 65,000 attendees and has been produced since 1995. i-Motion also lists 20 media partners and 23 brand sponsors including MTV, Radio1LIVE, Coca-Cola, and Phillip Morris. ¬†Following the 100% acquisition of ID&T¬†just last month and the addition of i-Motion to its ever-expanding list of properties, SFX has established a firm stranglehold on the European festival market.

Via: Billboard

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