The M Machine remixes Mat Zo's 'Lucid Dreams;' talk future plansMat Zo Damage Control

The M Machine remixes Mat Zo's 'Lucid Dreams;' talk future plans

San Francisco’s The M Machine has risen to the challenge of taking on one of 2013’s most highly regarded works,  Mat Zo‘s “Lucid Dreams.” The M Machine stays true to Zo’s feathery, intricately layered tune but turns down the tempo and weaves in a heavier bass underlay and a darker melody while still highlighting the poignant aspects of Zo’s original work.

In conjunction with the “Lucid Dreams” announcement, The M Machine took to their Facebook page to explain future plans. The trio divulges that there are plenty of originals and singles in the works and are headed towards an EP release. They plan to diverge from a ‘Metropolis Pt. 3’ and hope to transition towards a different artistic and thematic direction. In the meantime, listen to The M Machine’s remix of “Lucid Dreams” and purchase the Lucid Dreams (Remixes) on iTunes or Beatport today.

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