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Thomas Newson – Pallaroid (Original Mix)

As an up-and-coming producer, Thomas Newson appears to be living the dream. Not only has he received incredible support from Hardwell and the rest of the Revealed Recordings posse, but the young artist’s previous release, “Flute,” was praised for its innovative integration of the flute into dance music. His latest release, “Pallaroid,” is no exception to the quality music for which Thomas has been known. Originally believed to be an unreleased Hardwell track, Newson’s electro house production gives a nod to his Dutch roots. Introducing a sharp lead that serves to sonically saw through anything in its path, the track maintains its high energy with a catchy riff. With no shortage of new talent from the Netherlands emerging, it will be interesting to see how Newson will differentiate himself from the pack throughout the continuation of his career.

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