Weekend Rewind: David Guetta and Kid Cudi's 'Memories'

Some songs feel as new as yesterday, but in fact have been out for years. Some songs have the power to bring people back to simpler times when one’s priorities were, well, differently prioritized. “Memories” by David Guetta featuring Kid Cudi takes this writer back to his college days, a time when the dreaded acronym “EDM” had not only begun to gain somewhat global awareness… it skyrocketed.

David Guetta, the celebrated industry veteran, was one of the first to successfully cross dance music into the mainstream with both club and radio hits. Though the French DJ has a controversial reputation when it comes to production (a completely different topic), there’s absolutely no argument that Guetta has a strong ear for knowing what the masses want. Though lacking in the explosiveness and intensity that goes hand-in-hand with today’s festival chart-toppers, “Memories” builds on a memorizing polyphony of piano keys, soft lead synths and pumping bassline. Kid Cudi’s laid-back vocals and intuitiveness for creating incredibly catchy hooks gives the song its defining fun, yet mellow tone. “Memories” manifests the interests of a generation that put modern dance music in its place today: escaping reality, partying and making great memories.

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