Weekend Rewind: The Chemical Brothers – Got Glint?Chemical Brothers Surrender

Weekend Rewind: The Chemical Brothers – Got Glint?

Occasionally the only way to move forward is to look back. This was the case for Mat Zo at least, whose debut album Damage Control rocketed to the top of the charts by mining influences of an electronic era gone by. Citing The Chemical Brothers as a huge influence, Zo’s album taps more than the big beat genre but delves into the Chem Bros ethos in general. While “Pyramid Scheme” may harken more to “Block Rocking Beats,” it is the dust brothers’ Surrender that seems to have been the greatest influence.

The third studio album from the pair, Surrender stepped out of the big beat box and called on guest artists from Oasis, New Order and Mercury Rev to do so. While the vocal “Hey Boy, Hey Girl,” “Let Forever Be” and “Out of Control” may have outshone more instrumental efforts on the charts, this weekend rewind brings you “Got Glint?” as a shining example of how to create something timeless in every sense of the word. Released in 1999 but still sounding future today, the tune takes a simple beat structure to a higher plane with soaring bridges and slithering breaks. Though designed with an outro that doesn’t linger, “Got Glint?” satisfies as only the nights you can’t remember can.

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