Yellow Claw releases official ‘Shotgun’ music video

Yellow Claw may still be relatively unknown in the US, but the Mad Decent trio have taken trap somewhere a bit different with “Shotgun.” What’s so refreshing about this record is that it begins much like an R&B track, pairing Rochelle’s heavenly vocals with darker percussions. Furthermore, the three have proved the impossible by producing a track about being cheated on, that listeners would have a much better time dancing to, rather than crying. Kudos to them for avoiding what appeared to be an inevitable cliché.

The music video begins with Rochelle breaking into her boyfriend’s apartment using a bobby pin, where she then continues to reminisce her broken relationship. The scenes shift back and forth between she and her boyfriend (perhaps at this point, ex-boyfriend), who is at a party with an attractive blond. This all sounds so painfully familiar, doesn’t it? Maybe, but the real turning point is when the boyfriend and his mistress return to his apartment, only to find Rochelle welcoming the two home with none other than a shotgun in her hand. Viewers are fooled into believing he is about to be shot, until the tables turn and she puts the gun in her mouth, meeting her tragic death. The irony lies in the lyrics: “You shot me right in the face with a shotgun.” Yellow Claw’s concept is rather grim for a trap record, but we’ll take it.

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