Afrojack comes in like a 'Wrecking Ball' with Miley Cyrus remixUltra Europe Day 2 Afrojack 2 1

Afrojack comes in like a 'Wrecking Ball' with Miley Cyrus remix

Afrojack‘s newest work — linking the producer with one of the most relevant figures in pop culture — has been buzzed about since a snippet of a teaser made way on Instagram. His take on Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball,” however, ignores most mainstream expectations set by the namesake. Unleashing his official remix at an extended length of seven minutes, the first half is lead by orchestra-like melody non-representative of the Cyrus smash, followed by a signature bulky bellow of Afrojack music that pays testament to the title only with wrecking ball force. The depth of Afrojack’s latest drops are juxtaposed merely by an intermission from Miley, where the “Wrecking Ball” chorus plays mid-way for relief as the remix’s only trace of original hit.

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