Amtrac unleashes his take on GotSome's 'Bassline'Amtrac

Amtrac unleashes his take on GotSome's 'Bassline'

While GotSome‘s recent original mix, “Bassline,” was released to much praise on Defected Records, Amtrac‘s brilliant retro-fitted remix has given the track a breath of new life. Beginning with vocals in the forefront, it isn’t long before the Super Music Group star steals the show with deep percussion and a rave-inspired synth that slices through an anthemic bass backbone. Deeper elements added by the American native give the remix further dance floor viability when they give way to the happier and funk-inspired closing of the track. Amtrac’s masterfully crafted genre switch mid-song avoids the corniness that such musical maneuvers have induced before, and adds an extremely appealing aspect to the final output. With productions as electrifying as this one, it is no surprise that Amtrac’s music has become a mainstay in many funk-inspired sets.

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