Battle of the Beats: MAKJ vs Bass King Vs. X-Vertigo – Not Taking This No More (Remixes)

Battle of the Beats is a feature from Dancing Astronaut that pits two remixes against one another to determine which production made better use of the original. With remix packages growing in length and increasing in frequency, the number of reworked tracks has skyrocketed.  After wading through the archives, we are opening it up to our readers to weigh in on whose rendition takes the proverbial cake.

Nervo & Ivan Gough feat. Beverley Knight – Not Taking This No More (MAKJ Remix)

Though Aussies Nervo and Ivan Gough took things electro with their collab “Not Taking This No More,” MAKJ’s remix stayed true to his own progressive roots. Blasting off with layer cake builds from the get-go, the upstart producer effectively sends heads spinning with his first Spinnin’ release. Keeping the framework of the track but changing the details, the rework focuses a little less on Beverley Knight’s iconic vocals and a little more on dance floor form. Relatively understated but by far the favorite on the airwaves, MAKJ’s remix may have competition from John Dahlback when the second volume of remixes is released.

Nervo & Ivan Gough feat. Beverley Knight – Not Taking This No More (Bass King Vs. X-Vertigo Remix)

Neither the first collab between Bass King and X-Vertigo nor their first time reworking a Nervo tune, the pair’s remix shows respect to the original, its genre, and its star vocalist. Like MAKJ, the pair opt to tack on an intro before introducing Beverley, but unlike MAKJ hold her vocals up on a string-backed pedestal. Introduced with a minimal of background, the first verse bleeds into an edgier electro bridge than the original’s throwback three-noter. A back and forth between strong ballad and syncopated banger, the multi-national pair’s rework holds its own amongst the star-studded remix package offerings.

So whose “Not Taking This No More” remix can you take more of?

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