Battle of the Beats: The M Machine vs Ilan Bluestone – Lucid Dreams (Remixes)Battle Of The Beats No Week

Battle of the Beats: The M Machine vs Ilan Bluestone – Lucid Dreams (Remixes)

Battle of the Beats is a feature from Dancing Astronaut that pits two remixes against one another to determine which production made better use of the original. With remix packages growing in length and increasing in frequency, the number of reworked tracks has skyrocketed.  After wading through the archives, we are opening it up to our readers to weigh in on whose rendition takes the proverbial cake.

Mat Zo – Lucid Dreams (The M Machine Remix)

Though it is not the first time an OWSLA act has had an Anjunabeats release, The M Machine’s rework of Mat Zo’s “Lucid Dreams” proved to have a novel feel. While the original was already a sliced and diced aural buffet, the remix replaced the nu disco-like distortion with a darker stalking bass line and pitched up vocals. Essentially transforming everything but the lyrics themselves, the San Francisco trio took things from uplifting to artfully understated and reminded the dance community the true meaning of a remix.

Mat Zo – Lucid Dreams (Ilan Bluestone Remix)

Premiered on ABGT 051, Ilan Bluestone’s take on his labelmate’s tune took things progressive while still allowing the original to shine. Again muting the plucky guitar but this time with a synth overlay, the UK producer appears to have chosen euphoria as the emotion of choice. Coming in at nearly eight minutes, the rework builds, breaks into a twinkling bridge, and bolsters the melody with a dance floor-tested foundation. Though perhaps more of an edit that a remix, Bluestone’s effort performs the crucial function of translating the tune from artistic to accessible.

So whose “Lucid Dreams” do you hear more clearly?

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