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Bit Funk – Soul Satisfaction EP [Free Download]

Bringing some European flavor stateside, New York-based  Super Music Group artist Bit Funk releases his retrofitted soul EP featuring two original mixes and a club-inspired reimagining of the project’s title track. The Soul Satisfaction EP combines the necessary funk to complement and equip the soul aspects for the electric production, while managing to maintain the minimalist catchiness that has become of vital importance to house tunes. While “Soul Satisfaction” introduces the listener to the DJs groovy production style with a more rapid pace, the EP’s follow-up track, “Besides,” slows the tempo to a relaxing speed, pulling lead synths and horns to the forefront to give contrast between the instrumental acoustic and virtual synthesizer elements. Following the mellow second tune, the “Soul Satisfaction (Club Mix)” juxtaposes house drums and the soul vocal we heard on the album’s initial track. Overall, the EP brings an emerging sound to the forefront of electronic culture, which, thankfully, champions true musicianship.

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