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Deadmau5 unveils comprehensive fan platform,

After teasing a new online service for the past couple of weeks, deadmau5 has finally unveiled his new fan-driven platform, The comprehensive service offers a massive community for mau5 fans, combining live streaming broadcasts, exclusive track previews, news updates, free downloads, photo logs, a message board and more into a one stop multi-media destination for everything deadmau5-related. We caught up with Joel for a brief breakdown of the site.

Deadmau5’s new service is largely a response to the limiting structure of traditional social media platforms. Joel explains his motivation for the site:

“I was inspired to come up with a plan to help me bring my fans from abroad all social media sites that I’ve been using, under one roof. For sanities sake really. I imagined all the services I have used previously, why I used them, and why I needed to use 3 different services to express myself in various ways… and then after I figured that out, I had to ask myself why I needed to use so many different platforms? Twitter for mind vomit, Instagram for photos, SoundCloud for music… just seems kinda silly. But for some reason, it’s artist / industry practice to use Twitter / FB / SoundCloud and Instagram.”

The service distinguishes between two types of accounts: free subscribers and paid subscribers. While anyone can create a free account and observe the on-goings of the site, true participation is reserved for those who opt for premium membership, which runs at $4.99 a month. Benefits of paid subscription include access to all live streams, full song previews, free track downloads, and posting ability on the message boards. In other words, it’s Joel’s attempt at keeping the trolls out, and the real fans in. is an encouraging step forward in terms of artist-fan interaction. Ultimately, the site represents the fruition of one of Joel’s larger aspirations:

“My long term and ‘out there’ dream of this site / application would be to kinda transform and create my own music distribution model, making what would be an independent artist, truly, independent of other unified and non unified systems.”

Deadmau5’s new platform boasts a number of exciting features, yet at the end of the day, it’s Joel’s own role in the site that offers the most promise. From engaging with fans over live stream, to participating in community banter in the forums, deadmau5’s presence is what will truly bring the service to life.

Deadmau5 reiterated the sentiment to his fans:

“If I had to pick a favorite [aspect], I’d have to give that one to my fans, and visitors, who will undoubtedly help make it a much more entertaining place through our interactions.”

Sign up for the service now at

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