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'Memphis': Diplo works 'whoa' for Justin Bieber and Big Sean collaboration

Never judge a book by its cover. Especially when its author is Diplo.

Singing his praise of a collaboration with Justin Bieber since October, Diplo‘s work for the pop sensation has finally come to fruition. Already concocting tunes for A-list artists of all genres, Diplo follows yet another direction of his in-studio compass.

While duties for Justin Bieber may initially rub fans the wrong way, curating a top-notch beat for the teen’s Big Sean collaboration turns out to be, in fact, a perfect storm for Diplo. Why’s that? He’s proved capable of walking the line between pop and R&B on records such as Usher’s “Go Missin” as well as Sia and The Weeknd’s “Elastic Heart.” He’s mastered hip-hop productions from Lil’ Wayne’s “Lay It Down” and Drake’s “Unstoppable.”

Being said, the challenge of combining both world’s is accepted and exceeded. On “Memphis,” Diplo makes producing for the world’s most popular 19-year-old and one of rap’s hottest voices simultaneously seem like child’s play. Percussion provides the core for “Memphis,” as Diplo’s hard-hitting drums set the over-all tone in lieu of hip-hop; matching up perfectly for Big Sean’s guest verse while inviting the singer to flow with an urban edge but using melodic undertones to leave room for his high-notes.

Diplo’s reaction to the final cut of this soon-to-be hit? Whoa…. What’s yours?


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