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By the numbers: The economic impact of EDC Las Vegas 2013

The final stop on the road to Las Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 had Insomniac’s chief festival pumping big dollars into the dessert. Beacon Economics has released a report on the festival’s fiscal impact on Clark County, and the results are striking. Since EDC’s first Las Vegas run, Insomniac accounts for $621 million dollar pumped through the city’s economy, and that number is only the tip of the iceberg in Beacon’s new study. The figures reveal remarkable spending behavior of festival attendees, the breadth of its impact, and favorable results for Las Vegas that support a successful 2013 as well as durability promising for the future of Electric Daisy Carnival in Sin City.

278 M: Of the $621 million that Insomniac has generated for Las Vegas since 2011, $278 million came in June with this year’s EDC.

345,000: This year’s three-day festival drew a total of 345,000 fans.

46: International fans at Electric Daisy Carnival accounted for 46 foreign countries. That, in addition to America being represented by all 50 states.

136.9 M: Those EDC attendees spent a reported $136.9 million, a 38% boost from its 2012 event.

95%: Taking the international and widespread US presence into consideration, a total of 95% of Electric Daisy Carnival’s 2013 fans traveled from outside the Las Vegas area.

92,000: With that explosive tourism rate, an estimated 92,000 hotel room nights were booked. Those accommodations alone generated $25 million.

45 M: Fans spent over $45 million on food and beverage.

22.1 M: They also spent $22.1 million on transportation, presumably accounting for the trek into the dessert.

44.5 M: The “little things” in Las Vegas aren’t so little. And they add up. Gaming generated $19.6 million, entertainment accounted for $13.1 million, and retail spending brought in $11.8 million — totaling a whopping $44.5 million for what could be bundled up into a miscellaneous category in any other city.

2,686: EDC 2013’s overall economic impact was the equivalent of 2,686 full-time jobs.

113.8 M: Subsequently, labor income for workers of Clark County increased by $113.8 million.

17.4 M: The festival generated $17.4 million in taxes alone for both local and state government.

82%: Of the 345,000 attendees from across the states and the globe, 82% surveyed that they’d return for EDC Las Vegas 2014. That, being of the 93.1% whom said they would recommend the event to others.

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