Eekkoo – Eekkoo EPEekkoo EP

Eekkoo – Eekkoo EP

Although the ears on Deadmau5’s famous headgear may be large, catching the ear and impressing the man under the mask has never been easy. He’s notorious for playing mostly his own productions during his live sets and despite not having a colossal release schedule, his label has become a hotbed for the next generation of talent. Artists like Skrillex, Feed Me, and Nom De Strip have all called mau5trap home at one time or another and now Montreal’s Eekkoo returns for his debut EP on the label.

Back on mau5trap for the first time since his remix of “Channel 42” and “Lekture” on the recently released “We Are Friends Vol. 2,” the rising Canadian star’s self-titled EP brings along three unique productions. Each of the three tracks has a very rich and old school feel to them, while still maintaining enough modern characteristics to attract even the newest dance music fans. Instead of resorting to the explosive drops which have become a staple of modern dance music, Eekkoo instead opts for progressions that continually build ¬†upon themselves while the production carries itself towards the finish line.

All three tracks are a refreshing take on an extremely over saturated genre and the self-titled EP is another building block for one of Canada’s rising talents. Deadmau5 has proved on more than one occasion he has a keen eye for recognizing a future star and this release is another perfect example of his ability to spot the next generation of talent. Joining an elite group of producers who have released EPs on mau5trap, Eekkoo has established himself as one to watch in 2014.

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