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Giorgio Moroder brings back disco with Haim's 'Forever'

It’s no secret that iconic Italian producer Giorgio Moroder pioneered electronica music in the late 70’s to 80’s with larger than life hits like “Take My Breath Away” and his “I Feel Love” collaboration with Donna Summer. With the modern indie rock-pop’s ‘back-to-basics’ transition with tributes and influences similar to that of Moroder’s work, a remix collaboration was just an untapped opportunity waiting to happen. His latest undertaking takes on Haim, the California nu-folk band. Taking on the sister’s stand out hit “Forever,” the Italian icon instantly instills a prevalent disco-influence to enhance the Haim sisters’ vocal melodies. In typical Moroder fashion, a light, but insistent bass rhythm escalates to a deep vocal reverb interlude, creating a vast disco soundscape for the radio hit.

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