Henry Fong offers advice to aspiring DJs and producersHenry Fong Hero Image Best

Henry Fong offers advice to aspiring DJs and producers

At one point, even the top-tier DJs and producers in the world were new in the industry. It’s not too often that fans receive quality advice from the artists themselves, but fledgling superstar Henry Fong has a few tips for those intent on succeeding in the electronic music business. This year Fong has celebrated the release of singles like “Encore” and “Hot Steppa” in addition to his remix of Dillon Francis and T.E.E.D’s “Without You.” Although it took time, hard work, and patience to get to where he is today, the Floridian advises aspiring producers and DJs to focus their attention on producing original music rather than entering contests, and to learn the art of social media and Soundcloud. ¬†Above all, artists would prefer that you send demos via message rather than spamming their Soundcloud, Youtube, and Facebook accounts. While some might disagree with Henry’s tips, it might be worthwhile to take note. Head here to decide for yourself.