Hot Since 82 goes dark with 'Shadows' music video

There was something ominous about Hot Since 82‘s “Shadows” even before its music video was exposed to the world. Now British DJ and producer Daley Padley unmasks his dark side with a horror movie of a clip, whose gore makes spectators feel uneasy as the story unfolds. The video begins with a man chained down in a brightly lit, windowless room. A doctor then performs surgery on the man using large, agonizing tools. Meanwhile, an unidentified female finds her way into the building and, to viewers’ surprise, successfully knocks out each person in site by wrestling them to the ground and subsequently smashing their heads with a hammer. The clip eerily concludes with the female setting a small wooden structure on fire. While open-ended on what inspired such a gruesome music video, Daley’s sinister footage brings something new to the visual aspect of electronic music. Through this story, he encourages fans to analyze deep house through a darker lens, leaving much of the plot open for interpretation by fans.

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