Join Bassnectar behind the scenes on the Immersive Music Tour

Bassnectar wrapped up his Immersive Music in early November, but throughout the two month US stint, Lorin documented the experience with his team of highly talented and technical visual effects professionals. The idea for creating an immersive experience came from his desire to develop a theme that focused on deep melodic sounds, intimacy and vulnerability — something that he acknowledges most of today’s EDM lacks.  “I wanted to recreate the experience in my past when I went to my first electronic music show and just had my mind blown,” he notes from behind the scenes. It’s this sort of music first attitude that has worked to create a cult of personality around Bassnectar’s live performances and productions. Using a system dubbed UNS – the Ultra Nerd Server – his visual effects team mimics the set’s tempo and mood shifts through an advanced lighting rig hung above the ground rather than in front of it. While Lorin may just be one man behind the decks, the true Bassnectar experience comes alive thanks to his dedicated team and unwavering fan base — a fact that becomes fully evident to anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing a show first hand.