Kaskade reminisces on 2013's biggest momentsKaskade Ultra Music Festival 2012 6

Kaskade reminisces on 2013's biggest moments

As another year has quickly come and gone, it is finally time to begin reflecting on the accomplishments and hardships of the last 365 days. Today, Kaskade looks back on some of “our” moments in 2013 via Tumblr. We should have seen another post coming given his tweet from December 8th: “There’s no other way to say it: 2013 has been a party.” And while 2013 has arguably been a nonstop roller coaster of achievements for many, Ryan is one of the first to share his most critical moments through a timeline of tweets “Written by you, punctuated by media from me.” These fan tweets document memories such as being nominated for a Grammy for Fire & Ice, his Summer Lovin residency at Marquee Las Vegas and of course, his Atmosphere tour.

These are Our Moments in 2013. 

Via: Tumblr

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