Luniz – I Got 5 On It (Whiiite & ETC!ETC! Remix) [Free Download]Artworks 000065287748 T4739h Original

Luniz – I Got 5 On It (Whiiite & ETC!ETC! Remix) [Free Download]

Originally made famous by hip-hop duo Luniz, “I Got 5 On It” gained recognition for its juxtaposition of smooth vocals with the hard-hitting percussion that urban music has always incorporated. Taking advantage of the beat’s general appeal and ever-recognizable hook, trap producers ETC!ETC! and Whiiite have added synth and drum work while managing to manipulate the vocals without losing the track’s certified authenticity. The song’s energy becomes palpable with an electrifying riser just seconds into the track, and the atmosphere only becomes more intense as the American producers throw synth stabs and 808 snares at the listener with no remorse. The track, which is available for free download, was released out of appreciation for trap community’s unrelenting fanship.

Free Download

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