Martin Garrix and Jay Hardway release 'Wizard' collaborationWizard

Martin Garrix and Jay Hardway release 'Wizard' collaboration

It may be shocking, after glancing over Martin Garrix‘s incredibly impressive resume, to find out that he’s racked up those accolades in such a brief tenure. In the last month alone, the Dutch talent has had the number one single in the UK and inked a deal with Scooter Braun. In between receiving awards and making worldwide headlining appearances, though, Garrix has returned to the studio with fellow newcomer Jay Hardway to recreate the magic that did them so well on “Error 404.” The pair’s newest collaboration, “Wizard,” has been the center of attention for big room fans in anticipation of its release. Returning to the “Animals“-inspired style, a minimalist bassline kicks in, making for a record  Tiësto‘s used to show off his take on The Finger Piano Player. With much of the music world’s attention, the two world-class DJs have taken all expectations and exceeded them. While Martin continues to thrive in the spotlight and reach untold milestones for someone of his age, Jay Hardway gains even more certainly deserved recognition from the dance music community with a surely chart-topping release on Spinnin’.

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