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Michael Woods opens new chapter with premiere of latest EP 'Ctrl+Alt+Delete'

As a nostalgic nod to the generation of the PC, Michael Woods premiered his latest, aptly titled three-track EP, Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Woods addresses the obvious symbolism of his latest EP heading. He explains, analogous to the actual keyboard shortcut function that would shut down and restart computers, his EP represents an ode to 2013 as the UK producer and his team look forward to a ‘restart’ in the new year with fresh approaches to his music and the continuous search of creating new and innovative tracks. In regards to his mentioned ‘new sound,’ Woods resists the idea that he’ll maintain his label as an progressive house exclusive producer: “I think the whole house music scene is now very incestuous and you hear different genres creeping into others all of the time. All I aim to do is produce something that is original and has my own flare to it.”

After exploring the short, but energy packed EP, it is easy to understand the producer’s decision regarding his latest EP when he explains, “Recently I [felt] that they all have been going down really well with crowds. That’s when I know its time for release.” Through the trio of tunes, Woods stays true to his interpretation of modern house music by weaving various influences of electro and tech throughout his rocketing builds and gritty basslines. Ctrl + Alt + Delete releases December 16th on the producer’s own label, Diffused.

Listen to Ctrl + Alt + Delete here.

Via: Billboard

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