SFX breaks into new generation ticketing with acquisition of PaylogicBIL 0992

SFX breaks into new generation ticketing with acquisition of Paylogic

The EDMpire that took Wall Street has been amassing growing companies of the Sillerman-coined “electronic music community” consistently over the past year, with intentions now far beyond the festival market after going public in October. SFX has recently increased ownership in ID&T to 100%, finalized a notorious planned acquisition of Made Event, and extended internationally with the collection of Germany’s i-Motion and Brazil’s Rock in Rio. Those gains, however, are only one facet of the all-encompassing EMC titan that SFX is en route to becoming. Already equipped with Beatport, Sillerman has recently strengthened digital content with Arc90, Tunezy, and Fame House.

Now SFX Entertainment is picking up another piece of the puzzle. A vital piece. Live event ticketing. Acquiring 75% of Paylogic, Sillerman’s grip now consists of one of Europe’s fastest growing ticketing companies, one that the CEO states “has consistently proven its ability to handle unprecedented ticket requests” after providing services for the inaugural TomorrowWorld in September. Valued at $22 million, Paylogic has sold over 20 million tickets to fans across the world, operating out of European offices and already handling ID&T events such as Mysteryland and Sensation, domestically.

Paylogic CCO, Jan Willem van der Meer, notes the opportunity to “further advance and develop the most optimal ticketing and data solutions for this market and beyond: web, mobile, and social.” He also says that SFX has a “strong vision” and the “partners, brands and strategy that can really make a difference.”

Due to become an integral piece of the unprecedented connective design that SFX aspires to frame with the electronic generation, the ticketing department is expected to be of the new generation model being set in place. On Paylogic’s role in SFX’s big picture, Robert Sillerman says it will be “invaluable to us as we connect the millions and millions of EMC fans to the content and events they love, and to each other through integrated social media.”

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