Showtek launch Skink label with 'We Like To Party'Showtek We Like To Party

Showtek launch Skink label with 'We Like To Party'

To cap off a banner 2013, Showtek brothers Sjoerd and Wouter have unveiled their long-awaited “We Like To Party” as the first release from their brand new Skink label. Fast and festival-furious, the tune sticks to the electro house sound that has worked so well for the hardstyle crossovers. Opting for a steady and stylistic intro that eases into rather than attacks the beat, the tune may be more subdued than past productions, but it is by no means less powerful. Layer after layer compete to outdo each other as the bass keeps time and the brassy builds increase heart rates. A set tool finally available for liquid nitrogen-free enjoyment, “We Like To Party” is on Beatport now.

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