Spencer Brown debuts upcoming releases 'Ascension' and 'Lockout' on Avicii's Le7els PodcastSpencer Brown

Spencer Brown debuts upcoming releases 'Ascension' and 'Lockout' on Avicii's Le7els Podcast

After debuting his Spencer Brown alias at Avicii‘s Hollywood Bowl show just a few weeks ago, the Dallas native has made a splash in the progressive community with the backing of Ash Pournouri and the Le7els camp. Using the pseudonym “Spenca” to produce bass music for six years, Spencer has found his passion in the progressive genre and has his sights set on transforming the main stage with cultivated yet spirited productions. While the commercial electronic community moves towards louder and compression-based music, Spencer Brown serves to defy the norm, bringing melodic audio bliss back to the masses. The DJ had his first official release on PRMD just last month, and Spencer’s creative tenacity showed itself as he previewed two masterful releases on Avicii’s podcast earlier this week.

“Ascension” holds true to its name with a climbing lead and a summit that is certainly worth the musical trek. The track brings the previously dimmed synth to the forefront with energy before dipping into a soft melodic bridge. Beginning to build once again, the track’s dominance is established with a sound that builds in electricity before absorbing the listener in its power.

“Lockout,” on the other hand, shows Spencer’s work with more relaxed production techniques. While avoiding aggressiveness, the track manages to create a groove worthy backbone for any atmosphere. Avoiding the symmetry so often found in progressive house music, added lead elements during the bridge and second build steers the production clear of repetition and shows the newcomer’s eclectic style.

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