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Spotify announces free service on mobile

Spotify announced this morning that it will be providing free service to all devices including mobile and tablets. Previously only available on mobile through a premium subscription, the app will now allow users to stream music on-the-go in shuffle mode on iPhone and Android devices. The service differs from radio-type platforms in that it will allow users to pick an artist or playlist and hear a stream of shuffled tracks. On-demand service will still cost you a subscription however Рfurther details after the break. Spotify also announced that its users have streamed more than 4.5 billion hours of music this past year, creating more than 1.5 billion playlists.

“We’re giving people the best free music experience in the history of the smartphone,” Ek said. “Spotify for mobile is no longer just for people who subscribe to Premium… and the more you play, the more likely you are to play.”

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Via: The Verge 


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