Tomorrowland offers once-in-a-lifetime gift that will make it in time for Christmas

Though festival season seems long past, the legendary Tomorrowland is bringing it back to front of mind. While preparing for their two-weekend anniversary extravaganza, the Belgian fest has teamed up with artist Arne Quinze to make the grounds even more spectacular. A new bridge titled “One World” will span one of Boom’s lakes next year, built with 210,000 individual messages. The bridge seeks to break a world record of the number of people involved in creating a single piece of art, and that’s where you and your gift come in. For 10 Euro you can leave your mark on a plank, or for 35 Euro create a group plank for you and three friends. Your message (or, hint, gift) will live on for years to come and will be flanked by those of other People of Tomorrow. Head here to purchase your piece of history.


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