Watch This: ABGT050 aftermovie featuring 'Mariana Trench', out now

The nine and a half minute after movie of Above & Beyond‘s 50th episode of ‘Group Therapy,’ and 500th radio show overall, do this monumental landmark little justice. Ten thousand people were in attendance at Alexander Palace on October 26th, with millions more tuned in to their special, two hour set. Having debuted five new productions at this show, including “Mariana Trench” and “Sticky Fingers,” the trio delivered  an earth-shattering performance that only a few had the chance of seeing, feeling, and listening to live. “The first time I saw Above & beyond, I felt like I touched God,” one fan accurately stated. Featuring live footage, behind-the-scenes interviews, and ten thousand blissful fans, the after movie is only a snippet of the magic and raw emotion that was truly experienced.

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